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Dr. Leila Honari 
Art Direction Lecturer | Griffith Film School
Director at the Sufi Art Group

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Leila’s principal research interests lie in the field of cultural and historical animation. As an animator of Persian background whose first profession was as a traditional carpet designer, her research interests focus on migration and the evolution of carpet patterns in history, along with the iconological analysis of historical sequential images. 


In her Ph.D. (delivered October 2019), she investigated the roots of animation in historical Persian artifacts and related her findings to early optical devices (zoetrope and phenakistoscope). Leila’s current focus extends toward practice-based creative art research in the field of women and gender studies and migrant arts in animation.

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Leila is a member of Society for Animation Studies, and The Australian Fairy Tales Society 


Griffith University


Griffith University


Alzahra University

  • Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.)

    Griffith University, Griffith Film School, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia, 25 Feb 2013 - 8 Oct 2019

  • Master of Fine Art with Class I Honours

    Griffith University, Animation, Brisbane, Queensland, 4101, Australia, 25 Feb 2011 - 14 Dec 2012

  • Bachelor of Handicrafts

    Alzahra University, Tehran, Iran, 23 Sep 1999

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