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Leila supervises doctoral and honours projects in the fields of Animation and Games design at Griffith Film Schools, Queensland, Australia.


Ph.D. candidate: Olivia Rea


Ph.D. candidate: Jayden Van Win


Ph.D. candidate: Nathan Jensen


Honours student: Olivia Rea

Honours student: Nathanael Moore

Honours student: Katie Hirst

Art of Imagination: Illustration Methods in the Realm of Table-Top Role-Playing Games

The Importance of Queer Representation in Animation both On-Screen and Behind the Scenes

Designing for Interactive Mixed Reality Experiences

Drawing You In: Illustration in the Realm of Table-Top Role-Playing Games,

I Make Giant Magical Swords: how making DIY replica props is sacred and why that matters,

Controlling the Action - Motion Comics: Style, Tempo and the Fusion of Static and Motion,

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